Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Strengths in numbers: Tag

I'd quite like to do some tags on here rather than just posting my polyvore's all the time so I thought I'd start with a slightly more unusual one!

CONFIDENCE:-Have you ever felt unconfident before and why?

I hate to start on such a low note but yes! I still do...I've had hardly any confidence since my first year of high school 7 years ago. In primary school I was one of those students who never put their hand up to answer questions, but I was still quite outgoing until I moved schools. Within the first year all of my confidence completely went after I was bullied, and I'm still struggling to rebuild it now. Nowadays it's not so much bullying it's more cruel people who don't think before they speak, or the type who are too dim to realise that all they're doing is pointing out flaws I already know about.

-Do you loose confidence when you don't feel 'pretty'?

I never feel pretty. Just putting that out there first. I'm not saying that for the sake of it, or for sympathy, I'm saying it because it's the truth. I would say that one of the main causes of my low confidence is in fact my looks, or rather lack of looks.

-What makes you feel confident about yourself?

On those rare occasions when I do feel slightly more confident it's usually because of a really good makeup/outfit day or some positive attention. I say makeup but what I really mean is concealer, powder and lip product! If these do the impossible and pretty much cover ALL of my imperfections then I don't feel that bad.

-Have you been bullied?

As previously mentioned...YES! A lot.

-Did you every bully someone?

No. I was accused of it once on formspring by somebody who knew me in real life...but I never found out who they were. Clearly they didn't know me very well or else they'd have realised that I could never do that to someone. Not after going through it myself.

-Whether you were bullying or being bullied, how'd it make you feel?

Worthless. Dead inside. Quite simply crap. (Pardon my French there!)

-How do you deal with bullying?

I won't lie...I dealt with it in quite possibly the worst way you can...I bottled it up until I cracked and got my mum to go up to the school...I know...wimpy. But I was scared. And after its been bottled up for so long you find that it gets harder to admit to. 

-Do nicer people seem more 'beautiful' to you?

Yes. I know some 'beautiful' girls at my school but they are just not nice people, and that kind of ruins them for me.

-Does makeup make you feel prettier?

It sounds bad but yes, it really does! I couldn't go to school without concealer now that I wear it everyday...

-What do you think of the expression 'beauty comes from the inside?'

It's true. Completely true. Girls can be pretty but if they have a terrible personality they'll never really be beautiful. Of course that's just my opinion.

Ooft I'm glad that's over! It was a bit deeper than I thought it would be to be honest. I hope you enjoyed it though, and I'll try to carry on doing tags as often as I can!


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