Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My most listened to songs on iTunes :)

So another one of these rank type thingymobobs :S :L
Ok first i'll warn you...these won't be my FAV songs! They're songs that i had mad phases with and so they've been played tooooo much :P

10. Amazing-Westlife....soppy i admit but OhMyGod it really is Amazing <-- see what i did there? ;)

9. Say Ok-Vanessa Hudgens...Love it! Disney Sing It got me completely hooked to be fair :)

8. The Right Kind Of Wrong-LeAnn Rimes...ahhh i've loved this for sooo long now :) From Coyote Ugly back in 2000/1 i think? :S

7. Starstruck-Christopher Wilde...From the film starstruck which is why i originally got into it. I don't really like it that much anymore but like I said it was a little phase :D

6. Chemicals React-Aly & AJ...soooo its on Disney Sing It too but i never sung it or listened to it before my friend made me :P So i'm not as into it now but i was a few months ago :)

5. Forever & Always-Taylor Swift...Not even my favorite Taylor song but it was at some point in the past :S

4. Crush-David Archuleta...LOVE!!!! Ahh its probably THE most played on my ipod

3. SOS (Let the music play)-Jordin Sparks...Another past one :) Still an occasional fav though :P

2. Looking Like That-Westlife...Soppy westlife track number 2 ;) 'She's a 5"10...' ahh I do love a little bit of westlife

1. Naturally-Selena Gomez...One final phase :P But i do still enjoy the odd listen to be fair

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My top 10 youtubers :)

So...I love youtube videos and i thought i'd share my top 10 favorites with you :) These are NOT in order!

10: WHATTHEBUCKSHOW ~ Micheal Buckley is just hilarious! The shows great and also peron75, his personal channel. If you like youtube you will most likely know exactly who he is and why he gets around 20,000-30,000 views per video.

9: hayleyistcb ~ Hayley is...well...outspoken, loud...basically amazing. She speaks her mind and doesn't care who knows it which makes her so trustworthy and fun to watch.

8: ChantelleMakeUp1 ~ Sooo sweet and nice. One of the few great English gurus :) Not as popular as she should be to be honest. Her blogs called chantellemakeup1doesfashion2 :)

7: AllThatGlitters21 ~ I think everyone knows Elle but she's stayed grounded all the time. She seems so genuine and funny :)

6: juicystar07 ~ Like her sister ^ Blair is huge on youtube...unlike Elle she did go through a patch where she just got too big for her boots. BUT she listened to her subscribers and got back to her sweet self.

5: IceCreamSundae0x ~ Laura is great :) I think its because shes around my age so i can relate well to things she says. Fun videos, easy to watch. Her blog is Laurainwonderland

4: floooof ~ Really sweet with a nice attitude. Doesn't try and brag about anything or give false reviews. But won't bad mouth a product either.

3: saaammage ~ One of my newer subscriptions but i think she seems honest and bubbly. Gives some really good reviews.

2: Foxylocksextensions ~ Imogen owns the company with the same name :) It sells really good hair extensions and false eyelashes which is why she set up her youtube. But now she's just a great guru who's got the most soothing voice ever known to man!

1: GregoryGORGEOUS ~ HILARIOUS!!! So camp and..just an overall amazing girly guy :)

Hope you go and check some of these guys out :) I promise all of them are nice and fun to watch :) Just type their name into the youtube search and have a little look at the've got nothing to lose! Bu-Bye <3 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello bloggers :)

Wow my first blog post on here :) I have another blog but to be quite honest i never write much and when i do its quite boring. I needed to make an account on here for a comp on youtube so i thought i may as well start my bloging experience over again and do it much better this time! So keep tuned and i promise i'll post more on this one than i ever did on my old one. Thank you for choosing to read this :) MissKgt...x