Saturday, 12 April 2014


Yep, I'm on the myfitnesspal kick! I've been really good, logged everything for 14 days in a row! You literally put in every single thing you eat or drink and it keeps a track of your calorie intake, fat, carbs, sugar...etc etc. It's so so useful if you want to lose weight and watch what you eat because you think ooh...if I eat that I might go over my target...and then you don't eat it! Or at least I don't! 

I've found the best way to do it is log your main meals for the day first, so it helps if you plan what to have for lunch and dinner, then you can see how many calories you have left for snacks and things during the day. When you first sign up it asks you for your weight and then your goal. You get the option to control how many pounds you want to lose a week and it recommends the right amount for you. So if you don't weigh too much to start with it will tell you not to try and lose 2.5lbs a week! Then it'll calculate how many calories you should be having a day. For women the GDA is 2000, but this doesn't help you to lose weight, just maintain it, the app cuts this amount down to the right number for you and tells you the percentage that should be fat, carbs and protein too. You can add in exercise for the day, whether it's walking upstairs, pushing a pram (brilliant for when I was working in a nursery!) or actually playing a sport. There's even a water consumption section! Then at the end of the day you end the diary and the tracker tells you what you would weigh in 5 weeks time if you ate in the same way everyday. For me this is really motivating since it gets me thinking hmm...if I carry on eating under my calorie goal everyday for a few weeks I could actually see results! Setting realistic goals is a breeze with this app, and the best part isn't just an app! There's a website so if you don't have your phone, or you don't have an apple product or anything similiar you can still use it online. 

I'd recommend it for anyone! I've lost 2lbs this week and I'm thrilled...I can't wait to see the tracker start to move more! I've added it onto my main blog page so if you want to keep up to date with me this is the way to do it...thanks everyone!