Friday, 22 April 2011

30 day friend challenge

So i did the 30 day song challenge on here and then did it on facebook too so i thought i'd try this one. It'll be harder to understand since you don't know my friends...unless you are one...but i don't think any of them read this. Basically doing the song version on here first really helped make it quicker to post on fb because i didn't have to spend ages thinking about it and i didn't forget my first thoughts :) I will repeat some people so yeah. Here we go....

day 01: your best friend-Jasmine :D
day 02: a friend you've known the longest-Emily H
day 03: a friend you trust the most-Chantelle?
day 04: a friend you used to be close to-Charlotte
day 05: a friend who helped you through some bad times-Shania (aka my cousin)

day 06: a friend who makes you laugh-Xav
day 07: a friend you can always have a good time with-Helena
day 08: a friend you made recently-Izzy?
day 09: your first best friend-Emily O
day 10: a small friend-Emily H
day 11: a tall friend-Bethan
day 12: a friend you envy-Alice
day 13: a friend who has good taste in music-Melissa
day 14: a friend you've had the most memories with-Jasmine
day 15: a friend who you relate to-Ocey
day 16: a friend who has always stuck by you-Kiana
day 17: a friend who always cheers you up-Jasmine
day 18: a friend you used to hate but now love-Xav
day 19: a friend who lives in a different country-I don't have one...?
day 20: a friend who always seems to be happy-Alice
day 21: a friend who always seems to be upset-Alex
day 22: a friend who has changed you the most-Jasmine
day 23: a friend you look up to-Melissa
day 24: a friend who is crazy but in a good way-Jess W
day 25: a friend you tell everything to-Kiana
day 26: a friend who understands you the most-Jasmine
day 27: a friend who gives good advice-Alice
day 28: a friend who you think is the kindest person you know-Liv
day 29: a friend you think about every day-whoever i see?
day 30: a friend you hope to be friends with forever-Jasmine

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