Thursday, 28 April 2011

Review/Comparison...Dry Shampoo's :)

Soooooooo my lovely chums i thought i'd do a little comparison/review?

The two little goodies are Batiste dry shampoo in original and Girlz Only dry shampoo in party nights :) 

 So first the Girlz only product:

Can be brought from: Tesco....and only tesco, its one of their new lines :)
                                   Bit of a let down if you can't get to one i suppose.
Price: £1.50
Scents: I've only been able to find the 2...Hazy days and Party i presume they just have those!

I have the Party one and personally the smell is far too overpowering, it stays on my hands for a long time afterwards and i just don't think its that nice. Maybe the Hazy one is lighter since its for the day? I think its a nice smell its just way way too strong.

Does it work?: From what i can tell, yes it does work. It doesn't last all day though but then again i have extremely greasy hair so it might just be me. Not sure if it'll last all school day though. Its basically an ordinary white powder and it does rub in but obviously that makes it quite dull. Overall its a good dry shampoo if you can get over the scent and you have hair which doesn't get greasy too quickly.

Batiste dry shampoo:

Can be brought from: Most supermarkets (eg:asda and tesco) and high street shops like boots, superdrug and bodycare...even B&M have it!
Price: i decided to a little bit of research in different shops....(also it depends on the actual type you get which i'll come onto in a sec) These are for the ordinary scents i guess....
           Tesco (like the Girlz Only): £2.00
           Boots: £2.35 (also in the 3 for 2)
           Superdrug: £2.19
           Asda: £2.00
Size: 150ml or travel size in 50ml
Scents: A lot! So theres the kinda ordinary line....... Original, Blush, Tropical, Diva, Boho, Brit and Fresh :) The prices above are for each of these.

Then theres the slightly special range.......Silver Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Nude, Light/Blonde, Medium/Brunette and Dark/Black. So i'm sure you've guessed those last 3 are for different colours of hair :) Each of those is a different colour and scent to all of the ordinary ones which are all a white powder.
The most special range is slightly more expensive (Nude more than others) and some are only sold in certain places so.......
            Tesco: Sell none of them
            Boots: £3.05-(All except light) and then Nude is £3.56
            Superdrug: Exactly the same as boots except they don't have the dark either :(
            Asda:Sell none (guess its just supermarkets?)

Personally i've used Batiste for years now....probably 5 years? I've never had a problem, i love it. Yes i am a little bias to this one but its just amazing. My favourite has to be Blush :) But i love most of them to be honest. I've not tried the special ones but i will at some point. For some reason i can't use the tropical...You see i had asthma when i was younger but its mostly cleared up now except for in certain situations. And the tropical is a real irritant for me. I don't know if the formulas different or its just the scent but i can't breathe when i spray that type. All of the others are completely fine. But i can say without doubt this product WORKS.

So overall i would stay true to my Batiste just because it has a much bigger range and the scents are much lighter than the Girlz Only. To be honest if the scent of my hair product is stronger than my perfume then theres an issue! There's only a 50p difference in price if you buy from a supermarket and even less if you can find it in a discount store like B&M. I will always use dry shampoo and for me i'll always go back to Batiste. Hopefully this will help somebody and you will find the right product for you :)

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