Thursday, 22 August 2013


It's not a tag!! party and all that jazz.

I'm off to university in a few weeks and so I thought I'd show you some of the bits and pieces I've got together so far!

Asda Direct
I got this bedding from ASDA...snazzy ;) It's a really nice natural colour with a vintage champagne label design on it. 
Asda Direct

This cushion is from ASDA can see it on the picture of the bedding as well! It just fits the Paris theme too well! 
Linen Direct
I would've preferred a lighter colour but the beige looked more like a khaki to me. It's so so soft!
 I haven't got this exact one since I'm just taking my dads but this is the closest I found! And I'd have probably gone for this one if I had to.
These were for my desk but the wrong colour was sent so they've had to go back :( I'm definitely going to get some more from somewhere go with the next item...
 These are water beads! I heard about them a while ago but you basically get a 10g pack of tiny beads (about the size of million sweets!) and add 1l of water before leaving them for 24 hours. They soak it all up and expand to look like the picture! It's so so cool! I got a gold glitter but you can get a lot of different colours. Oh and then you put them in a vase with flowers by the way :)
 I needed to get a hairdryer since I share with my mum! This was quite cheap from Argos so it's a win win :)
 This is a babyliss curling wand/tong/iron thingy!
 A boring thing! A four plug, surge protection extension lead! It's just needed.
 I love this umbrella! It comes in a load of colours but I just went with yellow because it looked nice and cheery for rainy days :)
 I got this raincoat in the top left colour! If they had black polka dot I'd have had that but they don't :( And the pink was a bit too much for me!

Right that's about all! Except for the reallllly dull stuff like plastic boxes and kitchen stuff! 


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