Monday, 20 April 2015


Well hello again. Long time no see, or rather speak. It's been nearly 6 months since I left university. Yep that's right, I actually followed through and dropped out. As much as I hate to think of myself as a 'drop-out', I'm 100% happier and healthy being out of that toxic environment. So a little update? Glad you asked!

So I officially left on Halloween 2014, and I started my new job on the 1st December 2014. I went to a few different interviews, sent off a hell of a lot of applications and changed my entire path within that month. Originally I applied for teaching assistant jobs, merely because I have experience and qualifications to do that. Plus I really do love being in schools, that was absolutely not one of the things that made me leave. But I decided that ideally I just wanted to work in an office. I'm a simple girl at heart. I love organisation and I wanted a job where I actually clocked off and left work at work. So I think I made a great choice for me. Its not a glamorous job at all, when I explain it to people they immediately think I work with rubbish and bins. But thats not the case, I'm in the accounts department for a waste management broker and its fun. Maths is my thing and I'm excited to be back into it again.

Going along with that I got my own car. I shared a little KA with my mum last year since I didn't really need one when I wasn't at home, but now I drive about 20-25 minutes each way to work so I needed a reliable little friend. And so came Pablo. He's a Nissan Pixo (I'd never heard of them either!) and he's all mine! In fact we had a little roadtrip at Easter to see my best friend and her family. It took about an hour and a half, and its the furthest I've ever driven on my own so I was a little nervous to say the least. But I made it there and back in one piece and I've got so much more confidence in my driving now!

Speaking of my best friend, I've stayed in contact with some uni people. My personal tutor, the most brilliant lecturer and mentor, actually retired recently. He sent me an email just to let me know how I could get in contact if I really needed to. That actually made me even more thankful that I left when I did because I couldn't have done my last year and a half without his help! Apart from him, obviously theres my friend, whose family is now mine! I love them all so much, they're the best family (apart from my own!) who make me feel so welcome even if my friend isn't around. Then theres the guy. If you read my last blog post about leaving then you may have read about the guy who I thought something would happen with? Well since leaving we've stayed in touch, and are probably closer that ever. He gives me butterflies when his name pops up and even if nothing ever comes of it, it makes me happy for now at least. When I first told him I'd left (he found out somehow and asked me outright) I just blurted out 'Does this mean we won't talk anymore?' and he actually just responded with 'what?!' before saying 'of course it doesn't.' So theres that. Phew! (Its been 6 months too so I don't think he was lying!)

There we have it. Work has been cray cray. Like some of the stuff thats happened is insane, considering there's only 8 people in the company it can be dramatic! But I love it there, I love my life, the life I've created for myself in half a year. 2015 has been my year. I've never felt so positive, I'm exhausted, I'm lonely at times but its all worth it. Because everyone has those times. No one is constantly perfect. All I wanted was to be happy. And I've achieved that goal.


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