Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My most listened to songs on iTunes :)

So another one of these rank type thingymobobs :S :L
Ok first i'll warn you...these won't be my FAV songs! They're songs that i had mad phases with and so they've been played tooooo much :P

10. Amazing-Westlife....soppy i admit but OhMyGod it really is Amazing <-- see what i did there? ;)

9. Say Ok-Vanessa Hudgens...Love it! Disney Sing It got me completely hooked to be fair :)

8. The Right Kind Of Wrong-LeAnn Rimes...ahhh i've loved this for sooo long now :) From Coyote Ugly back in 2000/1 i think? :S

7. Starstruck-Christopher Wilde...From the film starstruck which is why i originally got into it. I don't really like it that much anymore but like I said it was a little phase :D

6. Chemicals React-Aly & AJ...soooo its on Disney Sing It too but i never sung it or listened to it before my friend made me :P So i'm not as into it now but i was a few months ago :)

5. Forever & Always-Taylor Swift...Not even my favorite Taylor song but it was at some point in the past :S

4. Crush-David Archuleta...LOVE!!!! Ahh its probably THE most played on my ipod

3. SOS (Let the music play)-Jordin Sparks...Another past one :) Still an occasional fav though :P

2. Looking Like That-Westlife...Soppy westlife track number 2 ;) 'She's a 5"10...' ahh I do love a little bit of westlife

1. Naturally-Selena Gomez...One final phase :P But i do still enjoy the odd listen to be fair

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